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Anne M. Santora

Anne M. Santora

Director of Operations
Phone No. : (216) 342-9311
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Anne M. Santora is the Director of Operations at Goodman Real Estate Services Group LLC. Anne has worked as a support person in the commercial real estate business for over 33 years. She graduated from Dyke College in 1987 with a B.S. in Secretarial Administration. Anne spent 10 years with The Hausman Companies, first as a management secretary and then as the office manager. She has also held positions with First Union Management, Omni Realty Company, and The Hausman Companies. Anne has been with Goodman Real Estate Services Group since 2000. She oversees the company’s IT systems, including all hardware and material production machines. Anne’s responsibilities touch almost every part of the operation of the company, including financial operations, human resources, and administrative functions. Her knowledge of the company’s services provides the professional service team members with executive support that allows them to maximize time working on marketing properties and servicing their clients’ plans and strategies.  

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