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Goodman Real Estate Services Group LLC Turns 25!

Cousins Randy Goodman, President and Managing Principal, and Richard Edelman, Senior Vice President and Principal, started Goodman Real Estate Services Group LLC 25 years ago this April with only a few eager employees and some passion for success. Through diligence and a team that strives to reach company and client goals, Goodman Real Estate has become a frontrunner in the commercial real estate industry in Ohio and surrounding states.

In 1998, Randy and Richard left The Hausman Companies, where they had been working together, with an ambition to build a commercial real estate brokerage company in their own vision. They saw the demand for dedicated real estate professionals and sought out a team with the same mentality. Beginning with just around 20 properties, a team of two that quickly became three with the addition of Zack Sogoloff, a newly licensed recent college graduate, and one support person, the cousins worked incredibly hard to develop their business.

Goodman Real Estate Services Group LLC has continued this mentality over the years and now has 24 employees, many of whom have been part of Goodman Real Estate since the early years. Adhering to fundamentals based on Creativity, Market Knowledge, Relationships, Loyalty, and a Corporate Services approach, Goodman Real Estate now represents over 100 tenants and buyers, markets over 11.5 million square feet of property for landlords and sellers, offers national investment brokerage and advisory services, and has a long list of clients that have stayed with them throughout the years. 

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May 29, 2023

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