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Goodman Real Estate Services Group is the market leader in representing and directing companies in their real estate acquisition process.  Whether leasing shopping center space, purchasing or leasing land, or build-to-suit development, Goodman Real Estate Services Group has the market knowledge and tools to uncover successful locations. Each broker is trained to advise as well as represent our clients through every phase of the site selection and deal negotiation process.

Educate us about your business, and we will educate you about where to locate your business.

  • Immediate and long-range strategic planning starts with understanding the client’s business and its customer.
  • Thorough market analysis, focusing on the demographic of the consumer identifies all potential trade areas.
  • Mapping the maximum potential trade areas and comparative demographic analysis produces the market penetration plan and strategy.
  • In-depth analysis of competition, sales data, and other relevant factors is included with the plan and entered into the strategy.
  • The plan and site opportunities are communicated in spreadsheets with location data, aerial photographs and maps, and boundary surveys and site plans.  The data contains the information to make decisions such as relevant market, traffic, sales, and competitor information.
  • Multiple opportunities are created, negotiations commence, and deals are completed.

Thorough market knowledge is achieved by our continuous and active presence in the marketplace.  We have developed positive relationships with owners, brokers, other business people, and governmental representatives, built over years of extensive work in multiple communities.

Our objective is to adapt our services to our client’s needs and be an extension of that company in our marketplace.  Implementation of any real estate strategy utilizing our experience, technology, hard work, and comprehensive market knowledge provides our clients with quality service and results.

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