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New Employee Spotlight: Danny Popov

Danny Popov

Sales Associate

Danny Popov joined the Cleveland Office of Goodman Real Estate Services Group LLC in June of 2023, after interning with the company previously in 2020. He grew up in Mayfield Heights, Ohio and went through the Mayfield City Schools System where he was given an opportunity to attend a 2-year vocational business school in Willoughby, Ohio throughout his Junior and Senior Year. In the 6th grade, Danny started a business selling rare clothing and footwear. He scaled the business up through middle school and was able to establish a Brick-and-Mortar location in downtown Cleveland by the time he was in high school.  Danny majored in Entrepreneurship and graduated in 2023 from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Today, Danny is working alongside Richard Edelman, Senior Vice President of Goodman Real Estate Group Services LLC. Danny’s passions and hobbies include, real estate, working on cars, collecting sneakers and spending time with family.

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