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Cross County Mall700 Broadway Ave E, Mattoon, IL 61938
  • Available Spaces:5,353 SF, 1,980 SF, 2,526 SF, 630 SF, 54,232 SF, 2,655 SF, 1,996 SF, 2,092 SF, 1,993 SF, 1,006 SF, 1,422 SF, 7,188 SF, 1,054 SF, 1,806 SF
  • Available Property:1.8 AC, 1 AC, 1.6 AC
  • StatusFor Lease
  • Property TypeShopping Centers

About This Property

  • Join Rural King, Marshalls, JOANN, Dunham’s Sports, and McQuarter’s Pub at Cross County Mall, as well as The Home Depot, Walmart, AMC Theatres, PetSmart and many other retailers within close proximity to the mall
  • The Cross County Mall is the primary shopping destination in the Charleston-Mattoon Micropolitan Statistical Area, which has a trade area population of 101,319, and is across the street from the to-be-constructed regional sports complex, Emerald Acres Sports Connection, a new $100 million indoor and outdoor sports complex projected to draw 580,000 visitors and generate $23.8 million in direct spending and 59,000 hotel room nights on an annual basis, with a targeted a 2024 opening
  • This market and Rural King draw from up to 30 miles in all directions, and by 2024 (with the opening of Emerald Acres Sports Connection), will expand its draw as far as to cities such as Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis


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700 Broadway Ave E

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